Ethno Fusion Fest

The Ethno Fusion Fest musical festival seeks to promote the diverse heritage of marginalized and under-represented cultures in Serbia, as well as the wider Balkan and Mediterranean regions. By mixing and matching different musical traditions EFF wants to create not just new sounds, but a new vision for the future.

Shira Utfila

Logotype design for the band Shira Utfila used on the CD Sephardic Songs of the Balkans (Kante Enkantante).

Gorenje – 5 Years Warranty Sticker

In 2005 the company Gorenje extended the warranty on their products to 5 years. The slogan was "5 years of full warranty - because we know what we are doing". Our task was to create a sticker that was noticable, recognizable and that would be added to all products and packagings.

Vinarija Centar

Logotype design for Vinarija Centar, a vinery and beverage wholesale company from Belgrade.


Logo design for the company JOOJ.


Logo design for the urban fashion brand TO.